Jack Finegan

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Jack Finegan (July 11, 1908 – July 15, 2000) was an American biblical scholar and Professor of New Testament History and Archaeology at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. While a professor at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, he published Light from the Ancient Past in 1946. He was notable for his views on biblical chronology.[1]


  • Light from the Ancient Past-The Archaeological Background of the Hebrew-Christian Religion, J. Finegan, 1946, 2nd ed. 1959[2]
  • Chronology of the New Testament, W. Armstrong and J. Finegan, ISBE
  • The Archeology of World Religions, J. Finnegan, 1952
  • Handbook of Biblical Chronology: Principles of Time Reckoning in the Ancient World and Problems of Chronology in the Bible, 1964, 2nd ed. 1998
  • Encountering New Testament Manuscripts: A Working Introduction to Textual Criticism
  • Hidden Records of the Life of Jesus
  • Discovering Israel Archaeological Guide to the Holy Land
  • The Archaeology of the New Testament: The Mediterranean of the Early Christian Apostles, 1981


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