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Jack Frost Big Boulder Ski Resort main lodge

The Jack Frost Ski Resort which opened in 1972, is located in Kidder Township, Carbon County, near White Haven, Pennsylvania. It is part of the Pocono region. Operated by Peak Resorts, it offers 20 trails and a terrain park for skiing and snowboarding.[1][2] Unfortunately, this article seems to confuse Jack Frost and Big Boulder ski areas. Although under common ownership, they are distinct mountains 5 +\- miles apart.

Terrain Parks (Big Boulder)[edit]

While it does have ski trails, Big Boulder is more of a snowboarders mountain. Its partner, Jack Frost is what local snowboarders call the "Skiers Mountain." The slopes of Big Boulder are much older than Jack Frost. The owners of Big Boulder built Jack Frost with a longer runs and a higher vertical drop, going down to the level of the Lehigh River, rather than up to a ridge top. Big Boulder resort has three main parks, Big Boulder Park, LOVE Park (Inspired by Philadelphia's LOVE Park a popular destination for skateboarders), and Freedom Park, on certain weekends it can have more. Especially after a competition in which they create new terrain.

Lodges (Big Boulder)[edit]

The resort has two lodges, the main lodge, which is located at the bottom of the mountain and can be seen from the parking lot. Inside there are cafes and other services for the snowboarders/skiers. The other lodge, located at the bottom of Big Boulder Park, is called the lower lodge. The lower lodge includes an outdoor grill, a bar a pro shop, and the entire lodge is sponsored by Red Bull Energy Drink.


Ski area top of mountain

In 2006, warm weather resulted in issues for local skiers, but was able to stay open with snow reserves made in December.[3]

The resort was able to open one week earlier due to an aggressive snow season.[4]

Jack Frost is a major tourist destination and attraction in the region and has caused an influx of new home buyers. Home buyers have cited the ski resort, golf courses, and distance from New York City and Philadelphia as factors for purchasing local properties.[5]


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