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The Right Reverend
Jack Leo Iker
Bishop of Fort Worth
Church Anglican Church in North America
See Fort Worth
In office 2009-present
Predecessor new title
Successor incumbent
Consecration April 24, 1993
Personal details
Born August 31, 1949 (1949-08-31) (age 67)
Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

Jack Leo Iker SSC (born August 31, 1949) is an American Anglican bishop.

Iker is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. He studied at the University of Cincinnati and the General Theological Seminary. Prior to his election as bishop, he was rector of an Episcopal parish in Florida. He serves on the boards of Forward in Faith North America and the American Anglican Council.[1] Like many Anglo-Catholic clergy, he is a member of the Society of the Holy Cross.

Iker was the third bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, consecrated as co-adjutor in 1993 and as incumbent in 1995. He was one of the most theologically conservative bishops during his tenure and would be one of the last Episcopal bishops opposed to women's ordination. In 2008, most of the clergy and parishes in the diocese left the Episcopal Church to create the identically named Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, affiliated to the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America. Iker left the Episcopal Church with them, becoming the first bishop of the new diocese. He was one of the founding bishops of the Anglican Church in North America in 2009.[2]

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Religious titles
Preceded by
Clarence C. Pope
Bishop of Fort Worth (Episcopalian)
Succeeded by
Edwin Gulick Jr.
Preceded by
Bishop of Fort Worth (ACNA)
Succeeded by