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Jack McKinney was a pseudonym used by American authors James Luceno and Brian Daley before the latter's death.

As well as adapting Robotech into novel form, they were also responsible for the Sentinels series which continued to expand the Robotech Universe. They also wrote the Black Hole Travel Agency series.

Published works[edit]

  • Robotech (12 books)
  • Kaduna Memories (1990)
  • Black Hole Travel Agency
    1. Event Horizon (1991)
    2. Artifact of the System (1991)
    3. Free Radicals (1992)
    4. Hostile Takeover (1994)
  • Sentinels
    1. The Devil's Hand (1988)
    2. Dark Powers (1988)
    3. Death Dance (1988)
    4. World Killers (1988)
    5. Rubicon (1988)
  • End of the Circle (1990) (While not technically published as a Sentinels novel, this book wraps up all of the plotlines begun in Robotech and continued in Sentinels. It is also the final Robotech novel co-written by both before Brian Daley's death.)

Written by James Luceno as Jack McKinney[edit]

  • The Zentraedi Rebellion (1994)
  • The Master's Gambit (1995)
  • Before the Invid Storm (1996)

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