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Jack Mingo (b. 1953) is an author, journalist and beekeeper.[1] He has written Bees Make the Best Pets, The Juicy Parts, and The Couch Potato Handbook. He claims to have trademarked the term Couch Potato.[2][3] He has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Reader's Digest.[4] He and Erin Barrett are co-founders and co-writers of the Ask Jeeves series of trivia books which published selected "questions as they flowed, unedited, into the well-known Web site".[5] They also write for Who Wants to be a Millionaire?[6]

Personal life[edit]

Mingo was born to Vera and Glen Mingo in Wausau, Wisconsin.[7] He lives with his wife Erin Barrett in Alameda, California.[1] They have three kids, his daughter from a previous marriage and her sons, and two cats.[8]

Works and Publications[edit]

  • Bees Make the Best Pets (2013) ISBN 1573246255
  • Ben Franklin's Guide to Wealth (2004) ISBN 157324953X
  • The Juicy Parts (1996) ISBN 0399522182
  • How the Cadillac Got Its Fins (1995) ISBN 0887307531

With Erin Barrett[edit]

  • Cause of Death: A Perfect Little Guide to What Kills Us (2009) ISBN 1416554793
  • Random Kinds Of Factness: 1001(or So) Absolutely True Tidbits About (Mostly) Everything (2005) ISBN 1573242128
  • Just Curious about Science, Jeeves (2003) ISBN 0743427114
  • It Takes a Certain Type to be a Writer: Facts from the World of Writing and Publishing (2003) ISBN 1573247227
  • Just Curious About History, Jeeves (2002) ISBN 0743427092
  • Just Curious About Animals and Nature, Jeeves (2002) ISBN 0743427106
  • Doctors Killed George Washington: Hundreds of Fascinating Facts from the World of Medicine (2002) ISBN 1573247197
  • Not Another Apple for the Teacher: Hundreds of Fascinating Facts from the World of Education (2002) ISBN 1573247235
  • Just Curious, Jeeves: What Are the 1001 Most Intriguing Questions Asked on the Internet? (2000) ISBN 193010801X

With Warren Dotz[edit]

  • Firecrackers!: An Eye-Popping Collection of Chinese Firework Art (2008) ISBN 1580089038
  • Firecrackers: The Art and History (2000) ISBN 1580081517


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