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Jack Monck is a bass guitarist. He has worked with Syd Barrett[1] and David Thomas and Phil Miller from In Cahoots and Delivery. He was also in Stars, Delivery, and The Pedestrians.[2] Monck currently teaches at Colchester Institute and has taught Child from Free Beer After 11 and Jon Lowe from Meth Mouth (the most successful bands to come from a small gang known as The Family). He is working currently at Colchester Institute as a bass guitar tutor, teaching students of all abilities.

Monck also played with a fusion band called Gecko; featuring Alex Bondonno (saxophone), Ben Weedon (drums) and Henry Senior[3] (guitar).

Jack Monck has also released a solo album called Inside the Whale, which features the drummer from Gong, Pip Pyle. Although mostly recorded in 1983 it was not released until 2002.[4]

Jack has a lot of connections from the Canterbury scene, having worked with Phil Miller and appeared on albums with Chris Cutler, he also has had connections with Fred Frith, and has performed music in many genres from Jazz/Fusion to world music and also experimental music, and free jazz.


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