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Jack Rabbit Trading Post

The Jack Rabbit Trading Post is a convenience store and curio shop located on former U.S. Route 66, five miles west of Joseph City, Arizona city limits off of Exit 269 on Interstate 40. The trading post hails from Route 66's glory days, and is currently in operation. With a large fiberglass jackrabbit that can be mounted (for pictures), the facility is considered a major Route 66 attraction by enthusiasts. It was famous for numerous billboards up and down US 66 (and in some other locations) which had the silhouette of a jackrabbit and the distance from that sign to the trading post. In front of the store was another such billboard with "HERE IT IS" written underneath it. Jack Rabbit is owned by the Jaquez family.

In the 2006 film Cars, the trading post's 'HERE IT IS' signage is depicted with a Model T Ford in place of the jackrabbit and "Lizzie" (a 1923 Ford) as the store's proprietor.

On Route 66 in Staunton, Illinois, Henry's Rabbit Ranch uses very similar signage with the slogan 'HARE IT IS'.[1]


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