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Jack Renshaw
Jack Andrew Renshaw

1995 (age 23–24)
Criminal statusIn prison
Conviction(s)a) Stirring up racial hatred (2016)
b) Inciting a child to engage in sexual activity (2018)
c) Preparing an act of terrorism and threatening to kill a police officer (2018)
Criminal penaltya) 3 years
b) 16 months
c) Life sentence[1]

Jack Andrew Renshaw (born 1995)[2] is a convicted child sex offender and former spokesperson for the neo-Nazi organisation National Action.[3] He is a former economics and politics student at Manchester Metropolitan University and a former organiser for the British National Party (BNP) youth wing, BNP Youth. On 12 June 2018, Renshaw pleaded guilty to preparing an act of terrorism with the intention of killing the Labour MP Rosie Cooper and to making a threat to kill a police officer.[4]

Early life[edit]

Renshaw was born in Ormskirk and raised in Skelmersdale. As a child, Renshaw moved to Blackpool and later became involved with the English Defence League (EDL), aged 15. Through the EDL, he became "involved with the 'Justice for Charlene Downes' cause", and met British National Party (BNP) members and their leader Nick Griffin at one of the memorials. Renshaw had previously been disillusioned with the EDL after he found Israeli and gay pride flags on prominent display during their marches, and lamented that EDL leader Tommy Robinson was supporting "dark faces" being within the crowd.[5][better source needed] Renshaw joined the BNP at age 15 against his parents' wishes.[6]

While an economic and politics student at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in September 2013, Renshaw became the face of BNP Youth. In an interview with student newspaper The Tab, he claimed to have "had ethnic minority flatmates and some homosexuals" during his stay at university. Four years after joining BNP Youth, Renshaw decided to dedicate himself entirely to party campaigning, saying "I spend [sic] a lot of days canvassing when I should have been studying".[6] He was eventually forced to leave MMU in September 2015 following a university investigation regarding his incitement to racial hatred.[7]

Renshaw wishes to bring back National Service and has previously said that he wished to join the British Army when he left university. He has an uncompromising attitude towards the War on Drugs, saying that "drug dealers should be hung [sic] from the nearest lamppost ... [lethal injection execution] would cost too much money for the taxpayer". Renshaw's application for the BNP to gain Student Union recognition was rejected by the union; Renshaw and the BNP Youth organised in protest at this decision.[6] He views the British Royal Family as "Jewish vermin", "in the pockets of the Rothschilds" and believes that "the lot of them should hang".[5]

BNP Youth Organiser[edit]

As an organiser in BNP Youth, the youth wing of the British National Party, Renshaw appeared in a much-derided 2014 video titled "BNP Youth Fight Back" (since deleted from YouTube) which railed against "cultural Marxism", "militant homosexuals", "heartless Zionists", "political correctness", Islam, immigration, multiculturalism, Doreen Lawrence and other perceived societal ills and a perceived eradication of British identity.[8] Writing for the Left Foot Forward, Mark Gardner noted, "At times the language and targets, 'Zionists', 'neo-Cons', 'capitalists', 'globalisation', resemble the modern extremes of far-Left, Islamist and (especially) New Age ideology. There is, however, nothing modern about BNP antisemitism, not even when they swap the word 'Zionist' for the word 'Jew' ... It is a very serious antisemitism that blames Jews for nothing less than the destruction of European nations. This is not neo-Nazism, it is old original Nazism, echoing Mein Kampf and Der Steurmer [sic]. In public broadcasts the party still targets Muslims for ugly racism, but within its own circles the deeper antisemitic ideology is resurrected."[9] Renshaw himself claims that Nick Griffin encouraged "radicalism" within the BNP while not wanting to be directly associated with it, saying that the BNP Youth video was more anti-Semitic at first, and that it was the BNP's media editor who removed references to Jews outright. Griffin disliked this decision, saying that "the parts about the Jews should have been kept in the video", according to Renshaw.[5]

In another BNP TV video Spreading Truth to Youth, Jack Renshaw spoke out against "banksters" such as the Rothschild family and claimed that allegations of the BNP's racism and fascism are "Talmudic". In another such video, Nationalism not Globalism, Renshaw claims that the European Union is part of a preliminary "global New World Order" in order for the Rothschilds to allegedly bind the globe via trillions of pounds of debt. He also blames "capitalists", "financial institutions" and "cultural Marxists" for "trying to mongrelise the races of the planet".[9]

A few months later, opposed to his dog's perceived homosexuality, Renshaw wrote on Facebook telling his pet Labrador Derek to not "challenge my principles" by "licking the penises of other male dogs".[10] He has since stated that "the status about my dog was a joke. I have learnt my lesson, that's all I can say".[6]

Renshaw stood as a candidate for the BNP in the Waterloo by-election on 9 October 2014 that was triggered by the death of the Conservative councillor Tony Lee, gaining 17 votes.[11]

Spokesperson for National Action[edit]

During a Yorkshire Forum event in 2015, Renshaw called for Jews to be "eradicated". As the spokesman for National Action, a far-right organisation within the United Kingdom, Renshaw said that he was sympathetic to Adolf Hitler:

Hitler was right in many senses but you know where he was wrong? He showed mercy to people who did not deserve mercy ... As nationalists we need to learn from the mistakes of the national socialists and we need to realise that, no, you do not show the Jew mercy.[3]

Renshaw faced a criminal investigation by the West Yorkshire Police over the remarks.[citation needed]

In March 2016, the Liverpool Echo reported that Renshaw was thought to have been part of a group of neo-Nazi North West Infidels and National Action protestors in a rally in Liverpool. Using the Twitter name Jack Albion, he posted "[Shit], bricks, glass bottles etcetera - still we come back. We don't fight for ourselves but for an idea. #WR #Liverpool #NationalAction".[12]

Additionally, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was considering whether to charge Renshaw with inciting racial hatred over comments made at a public demonstration in Blackpool in March 2016, organised by the North West Infidels.[3] In front of police officers and surrounded by a group of masked men, Renshaw described Jews as "parasites", claimed that white people were "a superior race" and stated that the UK took the "wrong side" in the Second World War by fighting the Nazis "who were there to remove Jewry from Europe once and for all". "When the time comes," he said, antifascists will "be in the chambers ... and we'll execute them".[3][13][14]

Dave Rich, of the Community Security Trust, which represents the Jewish community on matters of antisemitism, said, "Anybody who is inciting hatred and violence of that kind needs to be dealt with fully by the law. Actions don't come from nowhere."[3] Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate criticised perceived double standards in the justice system, saying that were such words to be uttered by an Islamist extremist, they would have been arrested. The CPS at that point had taken no action over Renshaw's comments.[15]

National Action was proscribed as a terrorist organisation following its conduct after the murder of Jo Cox and its support for her murderer Thomas Mair.[13][16]

In November 2016, Renshaw was facing criminal charges over incitement to racial hatred.[3]

In July 2017, he was charged by the CPS, under pressure from the Campaign Against Antisemitism.[17]

In early 2018 Renshaw was convicted of two counts of stirring up racial hatred.[18]

Other activities (2014-2017)[edit]

"Hang Jews" post[edit]

The Jewish Telegraph revealed in 2014 that Renshaw had labelled Jews a "disease" on his blog, saying,

World Jewry is the disease, whilst its product ideologies are just the symptoms. ... Beat the symptoms and they'll return or be replaced – but – beat the disease and you'll eradicate the symptoms. The Jew aims to bastardise and mongrelise our race through Multiracialism and Multiculturalism ... The Jew has declared war on our people and we should – and in time we will – return the favour.

— Jack Renshaw, "Renshaw's Corner" (15 December 2014)[19][20]

Renshaw had also previously supported executing members of the "Jewish elite" for treason, saying on his blog,

Britain, and indeed the whole of Europe, is waking up to the Jew once again. The new generation of nationalist is pointing the finger to the old enemy, and it is about time too! When our time comes, the Jewish elite and the Judeophile traitors who were used as their puppets will be put on trial – if found guilty, they will get the sentence that is deemed appropriate – for me that is hanging.

— Jack Renshaw, "Renshaw's Corner" (November 2015)[19]

National Strike Force[edit]

In 2014, Renshaw was photographed outside Manchester University's John Rylands Library on behalf of a new far-right group, the National Strike Force. The National Strike Force distributed 60 Greggs hot drinks vouchers to 12 "white British males" who were homeless.[19] The Strike Force does not issue food to non-whites, and Renshaw himself has refused to give food to a "Romanian gypsy".[21]

Golders Green march[edit]

In May 2015, the far-right blogger Joshua Bonehill-Paine planned a protest against the "Jewification of Britain [... and the] occupation force of approximately 50,000 Jews" in Golders Green, the heartland of London's Jewish community. Renshaw pulled out from speaking because he was supposed to be at work, one of the other booked speakers was Jewish, and because he disapproved of organiser Eddie Stampton.[22]

Plan to murder Rosie Cooper[edit]

On 12 June 2018, the trial began of Renshaw and five others for alleged membership of the proscribed National Action. All denied this; however, Renshaw pleaded guilty to preparing an act of terrorism, namely the purchase of a machete, with a plan to kill Member of Parliament Rosie Cooper and threatening to kill a police officer who had been investigating him concerning child sex offences.[23] Co-accused, Christopher Lythgoe and Matthew Hankinson, were convicted of remaining members of the proscribed National Action but jurors were unable to decide either whether Renshaw had remained a member after the group was banned.[18] During the trial it was alleged that Renshaw had rejected the suggestion from Lythgoe that he should instead kill the then home secretary Amber Rudd, arguing that she would be too protected. It was also claimed that Renshaw had dismissed Lythgoe's idea that he "do it in the name of National Action", saying that he would commit the act "in the name of white jihad".[24]

Renshaw was convicted at the Old bailey on charges of engaging in conduct in preparation of a terrorist act (contrary to section 5, Terrorism Act 2006) and making a threat to kill (contrary to section 16, Offences Against the Person Act 1861). On 17 May 2019, the judge sentenced Renshaw to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 20 years, for the plan to kill Cooper and the police officer who was investigating him for child sex offences. Mrs Justice McGowan said that Renshaw's "perverted view of history and current politics" led him to "an attempt to damage our entire system of democracy". She said, "You praised the murder of Jo Cox in tweets and posts in June 2017. In some bizarre way you saw this as a commendable act and set out to replicate that criminal behaviour." She added that Renshaw had made "detailed arrangements" to assassinate the MP.[25] These included buying a 19in (48 cm) Gladius knife, studying Cooper's itinerary and telling members of National Action about his plan during a meeting in a Warrington pub in July 2017. The plot was foiled by a whistleblower and former National Action member Robbie Mullen, who was secretly passing information to the anti-racism charity Hope not Hate, which informed police.[26]

Child sexual offences[edit]

On 2 April 2019, at his trial for membership of National Action when the jury were unable to reach a verdict, it emerged that Renshaw had been convicted of child sexual offences in 2018 and sentenced to 16 months in prison. Renshaw had set up two fake Facebook profiles and contacted the boys, aged 13 and 14, between February 2016 and January 2017. Communicating via Facebook Messenger, he boasted that he was rich, could give them jobs and offered one of them £300 to spend the night with him. He also requested intimate photographs of the pair, before one of them reported the messages and the police were contacted.[27]

In his unsuccessful defence, Renshaw claimed, without providing any evidence, that all four of his phones were hacked by the anti-fascist charity Hope Not Hate; technical experts for the prosecution agreed that the alleged hacking was impossible. He was found guilty of four counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.[28]

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