Jack Rio (film)

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Jack Rio
Jack Rio Poster.jpg
Dying to meet him? Be careful what you wish for...
Directed byGregori J. Martin
Written byGregori J. Martin
Matthew Borlenghi
StarringMatthew Borlenghi,
Mary Kate Schellhardt
Sean Kanan
Nadia Bjorlin
Distributed byBlack Hat Productions
Release date
  • June 13, 2008 (2008-06-13)
CountryUnited States

Jack Rio is a 2008 thriller film directed by Gregori J. Martin.[1] The film is based on a short film written and directed by the films lead actor Matt Borlenghi.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Tommy Jamison the lead character is a famous actor, who is the star of a T.V. soap opera called "The Incredible Jack Rio". He has played the lead for 4 years, however he is sick of playing the role and how people never even call him by his real name instead use the name of his character. The pressure from fans, the loss of his identity and the pressure to be 'Jack', has become too much for him. Jamison wants to leave the show that has made him famous. When a string of murders seem to follow in his wake, the question is asked does Tommy have an obsessed stalker, killing in his honour?



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