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Jack Rodman is a Shanghai-based property advisor and consultant. He was a senior advisor at the law firm King & Wood[1] advising their corporate team on financial matters. He is currently a consultant at Crosswater Realty Advisors. Rodman is a frequent speaker on China real estate and banking.[2] He typically comments on the real estate industry in China and has been featured in Business Week, the China Economic Review, Bloomberg,[3] and USA Today.[4][5]

Professional career[edit]

During the Asian Financial Crisis, Rodman and his staff of several hundred at Ernst & Young have helped sell off Asian debt with a face value approaching $100 billion since 1998.[6] This helped revitalize the banking systems of many Asian nations and helped facilitate recovery during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

After retiring from Ernst & Young after 37 years in 2007, Rodman advises at King & Wood and served on the board of RREEF Commercial Trust.[7] and is also a senior advisor with Westport Capital Partners.[8] Due to his expertise and history in Asia, he is commonly quoted expert on NPL disposal and Asian economics.