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This article is about the recording artist. For the novelist and journalist, see Jack Schaefer.
Jack Schaeffer
Birth name John Case Schaeffer II
Born (1946-03-19) March 19, 1946 (age 69)
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Occupation(s) Saxophone player, singer, inventor, author
Instruments Saxophone
Associated acts Royale Monarchs

Jack Schaeffer (born March 19, 1946, Los Angeles, California) is an American musician, recording artist, record producer and arranger.

Music career[edit]

The saxophone player and vocalist was signed by producer Gary Usher to a recording contract at MCA/Universal Studios, Decca Records. As a member of the early California surf band the Royale Monarchs, he was under contract by Bob Eubanks as house band at his Cinnamon Cinder night clubs. Schaeffer also performed regularly on the television shows The Cinnamon Cinder and Hollywood Dance Time. He recorded under the name The Forte' Four with guitarist Dan Anthony, founder of the Royale Monarchs, along with Gary Usher, studio musician Glen Campbell, and drummer Ernie Earnshaw.

With Chuck Girard, he was the founder of one of the first Christian rock groups, Love Song.

After relocating to the Bay Area, he helped organize the Chicago style big band Marin. He then moved into softer folk-rock, forming a group around lead singer Patty Parsons with Dan Anthony. He was involved in the band AnExchange, which became popular in the early 1970s in and around San Francisco, Sausalito and Rocky Mountain ski resorts. They were the opening act for the premiere of the Mill Valley Sweetwater Saloon, and opened for Joan Baez at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival in 1974.

Schaeffer was the musical director with the Las Vegas Sands Hotel house band Enterprise for Frederick Apcar's production, The Sands Playmate Review. He toured with Roadhouse, the Bob Simmons Band, Marin, and AnExchange. He recorded two albums with The Wackers and was album producer-arranger on Ron Butler and The Saxist as well on Why Can't I, Patty Parsons solo album. Jack is the long time clarinetist in the Hot House Swing Band.


Schaeffer is the inventor of an original musical instrument, the Strumbola.[1] First developed as a four course, twelve string lute-like instrument with a jazz harp sound that creates tight close-chord harmony. Later versions by the inventor maintained the four course format, but with fewer than three per course, thus bringing the strummed sound closer to that of a traditional rhythm guitar. Latest version uses a tenor guitar with two added strings/pegs. Tuning of the six strings in four courses: d fF abAb b. Update, 2011: The first Banjo-Strumbola is created from a six-string Tyler Mountain banjo. The two lower octave strings (F & Ab) made the banjo resonance sound a bit too muddy, so the string set tuning was raised two whole steps: Banjo-Strumbola tuning of the four courses from the lower:

f# aA cC d#

Literary career[edit]

Schaeffer is a published author under the pen name John Schaeffer. His papers and articles have been published in Operating Cameraman Magazine, Vidya Journal, and E.T.C., Journal of General Semantics. His writings include the topics of astronomy and physics, with a specialty in semantics. He is a member of the Triple Nine Society.


Royale Monarchs

  • Whole Lot Of Shakin Going On (1962) (Dell)
  • Sombrero Stomp (1962) (Dell)
  • My Babe (1964) (Dell)
  • (Hey) Surfs Up (1964) (Dell)
  • Great Balls Of Fire (1964) (Dell)
  • Teen Scene (1964) (Dell)
  • The Cinnamon Cinder Show / Bob Eubanks (1963–65) (TV)
  • Cinnamon Cinder Show Christmas Special (1965) (TV)

Collector Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

  • At The Rockhouse, vol. 11 (Eagle)
  • Red Hot Rock 'N' Roll (Red Hot)
  • High School Favorites (Teen)
  • I Want Rock (White Label)

Forte' Four

  • Can't You See I'm Trying (1966) (Decca)
  • Don't Let The Sun Shine On Me (1966) (Decca)
  • I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight (1966) (Decca)
  • The Climb (1966) (Decca)
  • Viva Las Vegas, Original Soundtrack / "The Climb" (1964) (MGM)
  • The Cool Ones, Original Soundtrack (1967) (Warner Bros)


  • Evening of AnExchange (1972)
  • Edmonton International Pop Festival (1974)

The Wackers

  • Wackering Heights (1971) (Electra) CD Release (2006)
  • Shredder (1973) (Electra) CD Release (2006)

Hot House Swing Band

  • L.A. Confidential, Original Soundtrack (1997) (Warner Bros)
  • Hello Palm Springs (1998) (DVD)
  • Got Rhythm? (2000) (CD)


  • The Climb (1966) Songwriter
  • Marin (1970) Arranger
  • Evening of AnExchange (1972) Arranger
  • Why Can't I ? Patty Parsons (1979) Producer & Arranger
  • Ron Butler and the Saxist; Go Figure ! (1982) Producer & Arranger


  • Faith of Our Children (1953–55) (NBC) Eleanor Powell
  • Dateline: Disneyland (1955) (ABC) The Phil Moore Band
  • Dodge "White Hat" (1962) ( TV commercial) The Phil Moore Band
  • The Steve Allen Playhouse (1963) (ABC) The Phil Moore Band
  • Spartan Choir (1963) (KFI Radio)
  • Spartan Choir (1963) (LP)
  • The People's Lawyer (1975) (TV)
  • My Father's Hands (2003) (CD) Dan Anthony
  • Watercolor Dreams (2007) (CD) Dan Anthony


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