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Jack Taylor
Born George Brown Randall
(1936-10-21) October 21, 1936 (age 81)
Occupation Film, television actor

Jack Taylor (born George Brown Randall; 21 October 1936) is an American actor.


Born in the United States in 1936, actor George Brown Randall adopted the stage name Jack Taylor and began his acting career appearing in small roles in American TV shows such as The Jack Benny Program and Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. He then left the USA, relocating first to Mexico in the late 1950s/early 1960s, and later to Spain, where he has appeared in many films, mostly horror and low-budget exploitation pictures.

He worked for such well-known Spanish horror film directors as Jesús Franco, Amando de Ossorio, Javier Aguirre, Juan Piquer Simon, Leon Klimovsky, Carlos Aured and Jose Ramon Larraz. He co-starred in films with many famous Mexican and European horror stars, such as Paul Naschy, Christopher Lee, Wolf Ruvinski, German Robles, Howard Vernon, Ray Milland, Soledad Miranda, Janine Reynaud, Lina Romay, Paul Muller, Klaus Kinski, Adrian Hoven, Helga Line, Herbert Lom and Maria Rohm.

Taylor starred in a number of cult classic horror films made in Mexico when he was in his early twenties, films featuring the Mexican characters of Nostradamus the vampire and the superhero Neutron. Reportedly he moved to Europe in the mid-1960s to appear in Liz Taylor's epic Cleopatra, but his small part ended up uncredited. In 1967, he began working in Spain for director Jesus Franco in such schlock classics as Necronomicon (his first major role) and Eugenie: The Story of her Journey into Perversion. He co-starred with Herbert Lom, Klaus Kinski and Christopher Lee in the 1969 Jesus Franco opus Count Dracula.

He shocked his fans in 1974 by appearing completely nude in The Bare Breasted Countess (1974), a Jesus Franco vampire film that contained many pornographic sequences, as well as in Franco's extremely X-rated Call of the Blonde Goddess and Sexy Sisters in 1977.

Taylor co-starred in a few Paul Naschy films filmed in Spain such as The Mummy's Revenge and Dr. Jekyll and the Wolf Man. He worked for director Amando De Ossorio three times, in The Ghost Galleon, Night of the Sorcerers and The Sea Serpent. He also appeared in Leon Klimovsky's The Vampires' Night Orgy and the Italian giallo Red Rings of Fear. Taylor also had a small role in John Milius' Conan the Barbarian, which was filmed in Spain.

Juan Piquer Simon directed him in two films, a Jules Verne adventure film called Where Time Began and the gory slasher film Pieces. Jose Larraz directed him in two slasher films, Rest in Pieces and Edge of the Axe. Taylor later impressively portrayed the character of Jaccussi in the lead role in A2Z by Daryush Shokof in 2004, and had a small role in Roman Polanski's The Ninth Gate.


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