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Jack Tretton

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Jack Tretton
Jack Tretton, President & CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment of America.jpg
Born 1961
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation Former President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America
Term 2006-2014
Successor Shawn Layden

Jack Tretton[1] is the former President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation.[2] During his time with Sony, he was primarily responsible for the company's United States market.[citation needed]


After graduation from Providence College with a science degree, New England-born Tretton became a territory manager for the Duracell battery company from 1983 through 1985.[3] He served as vice president of sales at Activision from 1986 to 1991, and as general manager of JVC Musical Industries’ game division from 1991 to 1995.[3] While at JVC, he was awarded Sega’s CD Game of the Year Award two years in a row.[3]

After joining the Sony Corporation in March 1995, Tretton was a member of the team that founded PlayStation in September of that year.[3] He was involved in the development and publishing of the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 game consoles, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Move, and PlayStation Vita.[3]

In November 2006, Tretton was promoted to president and chief executive officer for Sony Computer Entertainment America.[3]

Tretton presented the Sony E3 conferences from 2007-2013.

In May 2010, Tretton appeared alongside Kevin Butler in an Artist Spotlight video for ModNation Racers.[4]

On March 6, 2014, it was announced that Tretton would step down from his position at the end of the month, citing a mutual agreement between himself and SCEA not to renew his contract. He was replaced by Shawn Layden, who was previously the vice-president and chief operating officer (COO) of Sony Network Entertainment International.[5]

Professional reputation

Tretton had been known for making a number of controversial comments, which detractors claim are belittling and uninformed, including referring to the Wii as a "lollipop" and the Xbox 360 an "unreliable cook."[6] Most recently, in touting Sony's portable gaming device, the PlayStation Vita, Tretton noted that the competing Nintendo 3DS provides a "Game Boy experience", claiming adults would not want to be seen using one.

Despite his comments in 2011, he later stated on February 22, 2012 (North American launch of the Vita) that he's "a believer in a rising tide lifting all boats," and that "a successful Nintendo or a successful gaming industry is good for anybody that's in the gaming business." [8]


He was born in the New England region of the United States of America.[3] Tretton works with the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, California – which is affiliated with the Stanford University School of Medicine. He works with the hospital’s administration to provide the children with PlayStations and games.[3]


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