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Jack Waley-Cohen (born 1979) is a British quizzer and company director. He was a co-host on the UK Game Show Totally Top Trumps, which was hosted by Sky Sports presenter Andy Goldstein, alongside regular panellists Rob Deering and Dan Clark[1]. He read Experimental Psychology at St John's College, Oxford and was president of the Oxford University Quiz Society in 2000-2001.[2]

Quiz career[edit]

Waley-Cohen won three Countdown shows and is also a former Weakest Link winner.[3]

In 2000, he competed at the British Quiz Championship and also won some of Jeremy Beadle's money on Win Beadle's Money, recording the second highest score ever on the show.[3]

In 2002, he won £1,000 on an episode of Challenge TV gameshow Defectors, presented by Richard Orford.

In 2008, he competed on the BBC Four lateral thinking quiz Only Connect,[4] and his team – 'the Lapsed Psychologists' – made it to the final[5] of the first series, where they lost to the 'Crossworders'.

In 2014, he became a senior question writer on Only Connect and in 2017 took over from Alan Connor as Question Editor (alongside David McGaughey).

In January 2017 Waley-Cohen appeared on BBC Radio 4's The Museum of Curiosity; his hypothetical donation to this imaginary museum was "A Book of Tom Swifties".[6]


Waley-Cohen was a director of UK translation company Lingo24 from 2003-2012. He is currently a director of two companies: what3words and QuizQuizQuiz.[7]


Jack Waley-Cohen is the grandson of former Lord Mayor of London Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen, cousin of successful amateur jockey Sam Waley-Cohen, son of impresario Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen, brother of violinist Tamsin Waley-Cohen and composer Freya Waley-Cohen, and nephew of the sinologist Joanna Waley-Cohen.

Waley-Cohen is a good amateur tennis player, beating former Wimbledon winner Pat Cash in a doubles match at a Save the Children corporate tennis tournament in December, 2008.


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