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Jack Yan
Jack Yan at SFD Wellington 2010.jpg
Born 1972 (age 45–46)
Kowloon, British Hong Kong
Occupation Publisher, designer, businessman
Political party Alliance (2008)
Website http://jackyan.com/

Jack Yan (Chinese: 甄爵恩, Pinyin: Zhēn Jué'ēn) is a New Zealand publisher, designer and businessman, born 1972 in Kowloon, Hong Kong.[1] Yan emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand with his parents in 1976.

Yan created over 100 typeface designs himself for the firm,[2] and inspired other local typeface designers such as Kris Sowersby to pursue careers in that industry. His typefaces include Ætna, a revival of Bembo.[3] In 1997, he founded Lucire,[4] a fashion magazine that made the move from web to print,[5] and serves as its publisher.

He also helms a consulting firm,[6] and is a director of the Medinge Group think-tank.[7] Business 2.0[8] and the UK's The Daily Telegraph,[9] he is better known outside New Zealand for this work.

From 3 March 2006, he began a weekly spot on TV One's Good Morning, discussing men's issues, but resigned from that role in 2007. In 2007, he became a judge for Miss Universe New Zealand, and currently organises the competition.[10]

He ran for mayor of Wellington in 2010,[11] and again in 2013, but was unsuccessful in both elections.[12][13]


Jack Yan emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand with his parents in 1976.[14] He attended St Mark's Church School (where he was Dux) and Scots College, and graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with two business and one law degrees.

Aside from English, Yan speaks Cantonese and French.[15]



He was a contributor to Visual Arts Trends in New York (1999–2001), and The Journal of Brand Management in London (2003–04). [1]

Web publications that he has written for include UK-based Fontzone [2] and DZ3. He was a founding contributor to Allaboutbranding.com [3] (from 2002).

Additionally, he writes for his own publications, CAP and Lucire.


In the 2008 general election he stood as a candidate on the Alliance party list,[16] but no candidates for the Alliance were elected.[17]

He was a candidate in Wellington's 2010 mayoral election,[18][19] and also stood again in the 2013 elections.[12][20]


In 2007 Yan registered the trademark of well known and recently defunct New Zealand magazine Pavement. Yan claimed that the magazine had been "abandoned", saying "If someone throws away something, just like rubbish outside your house, I can legally go and get it". Pavement's publisher, still actively trading as "The Pavement Company", oppose the trademark application.[21]


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