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Two lengths of single-jack chain
Two links of double-jack chain

A jack chain is a type of chain made of thin wire, with figure-eight-shaped links, and loops at right angles to each other. Jack chains are often used to suspend fixtures such as lights or signs, for decorative purposes, or as part of a cable lock.[1]

Jack chain may be manufactured as either single-jack chain or as double-jack chain. If double-jack, the lower loop is formed of two strands of wire rather than just one as in a single-jack.

Before the days of lavatory cisterns being close to the pan, jack chains were often used to release the cistern plug.

Other meanings of "jack chain"[edit]

A jack chain is a tool attached to a toothed chain for moving logs.[2]

A jack chain is a form of arm protection for the 15th century infantry soldier who typically was not dressed in plate armor but wore a padded arming jacket (“jack”) to protect his upper body.[3][4]


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