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Jackal & Hyde are a hardcore electro duo, formed in 1998 by partners Scott Weiser (of Dynamix II), and Todd Walker. The duo aimed to combine a harder edge sound with the dance floor sensibility of Electro, Industrial and Breakbeat.

Besides their original work, Jackal & Hyde's sound has been requested for multiple remix productions including Kid Rock, No Doubt, Love & Rockets, and Genitorturers among others. Jackal & Hyde have released works on the label Hallucination Recordings. Their songs have been licensed by for compilations by the artists such as West Bam, Andrew Weatherall, Taylor, DJ Icey, and 'Hero of Hard-core' Omar Santana.

Their 2006 album had been 3 years in the making. Four years ago,[when?] Morbid Angel front man and guitarist David Vincent befriended Jackal & Hyde after hearing their work and has played/co-produced on a few tracks on the 2006 album. Gen, lead vocalist of the Genitorturers, also appears on four songs on the album.

Jackal & Hyde's shows are known for visuals by Hallucination on Film. Jackal & Hyde have co-headlined with a wide variety of bands from BT, Genitorturers and Kottonmouth Kings to Prodigy, Tech N9NE and Rabbit in the Moon.



  • The Badlands - Released 2001 (Hallucination)


  • Pleasure Model EP - Released 21 December 2011 (Wednesday Afternoon Recordings)


  • Angel Ass (Hallucination)
  • Beyond (Hallucination)
  • Get Down To My Technique (Hallucination)
  • Seek and Destroy EP (Hallucination)
  • Give It All You Got 2000 (Hallucination)
  • 20k Freaks (Hallucination)
  • Seek & Destroy Remixes (Hallucination)
  • Taste and Touch (Hallucination)
  • Dark Star (Hallucination)
  • I Control Your Body (Monotone)
  • Lost Archives (Warped Records)
  • Bad Robot (Dominance Electricity)


  • Whodini - "Freaks Come Out At Night" (Jive Records)
  • Love and Rockets -" RIP 20C" (Red Ant)
  • Biochip C - "Go Bang" (Force Inc)
  • Kid Rock - "Pimp of the Nation" (Jive)
  • Dave Christophere Presents - "Lift" (Hallucination Limited)
  • Hardknox - "Come In Hard" (Jive)
  • Limp Bizkit - "Rollin" (Flip/Interscope)
  • Genitorturers - "Lecher Bitch" (G-Force records)
  • No Doubt - "Hella Good" (Interscope)
  • Hyde vz Exakt - "I am the Enemy" (Monotone USA)
  • Jackal & Hyde vz Dave Berg - "Don't Stop" (Low Phat Recordings)
  • The Devine Xperience - "The Answer" (Keoki Records)
  • Jackal & Hyde vs Otto von Schirach "Supermeng 3" (Dominance Electricity)

Jackal co-produced originals[edit]

  • The Inner Light-Appearing on AK1200's 'Fully Automatic'
  • DJ Wednesday-Cheeba Cheeba
  • DJ Wednesday-Memories of the Future
  • Omar Santana -Wizard of Oh featuring T La Rock-Verbal Warfare
  • Cybernet Systems-We Are Borg
  • Active8-The Human Computers (W/Todd Walker 'Hyde')
  • Active8-Set My Mind In Motion (W/ Todd Walker 'Hyde')

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