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First edition (publ. Macmillan)

Jackdaws is a World War II spy thriller written by British novelist Ken Follett. It was published in hardcover format in 2001 by Macmillan. It was reissued as a paperback book by Signet Books in 2002.

List of Characters[edit]

  • Felicity "Flick" Clairet – S.O.E. agent. She is the most experienced member of the resistance (being married to one of its leaders) and has taken more missions than any agent in S.O.E
  • Dieter Franck – German Army Intelligence officer working for F.M. Erwin Rommel. Unlike his colleagues he is not anti-Semitic and admires French culture, but he is still a German stereotype of efficiency; a shrewd detective and a ruthless interrogator, well versed in torture.
  • Hans Hesse – Franck's right-hand man.
  • Willi Weber – A zealous but narrow-minded Gestapo officer, Dieter's former colleague in the German police force
  • Percy Thwaite – Senior S.O.E. agent, Flick's longtime superior and father figure.
  • Paul Chancellor – U.S. Army officer; aide to F.M. Bernard Montgomery; although he initially makes a bad impression on Flick, his admiration (and attraction) for her grows quickly.
  • Michel Clairet – French Resistance leader, Flick's French husband; he is unfaithful to her, but is devoted to his country
  • Mademoiselle Lemas – French Resistance sympathizer
  • Flick's team, the Jackdaws
    • Ruby Romain – an Anglo-French prison inmate who is uneducated, but cunning and tough
    • Diana Colefield, daughter of Flick's mother's employer, grew up with Flick – an awkward aristocrat, but a brilliant markswoman.
    • Maude Valentine – an Anglo-French flirt, liar, and dreamer. She wants to see Paris.
    • Lady Denise Bowyer – another awkward aristocrat, recruited by one of Flick's fellow officers who is trying to steal credit from her team
    • Geraldine "Jelly" Knight – Canadian explosives expert, the oldest of the Jackdaws.
    • "Greta Garbo" (Gerhard) – an Anglo-German telephone engineer and drag queen, has suffered much at the hands of the Nazis.


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