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Industry High Performance Computing
Founded June 2007
Headquarters 3405 Piedmont Rd NE
Suite 330
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
United States
Key people
John Melonakos (CEO)
Scott Blakeslee (VP Sales)
Products Computer software

AccelerEyes, doing business as ArrayFire, is an American software company that develops programming tools for parallel computing and graphics on graphics processing unit (GPU) chipsets. Its products are particularly popular in the defense industry.[1]


Old company logo.

The company's first major product was Jacket,[2] a library that extends MATLAB with GPGPU capabilities on CUDA-enabled NVidia GPUs, released in June 2008 (version 1.0 in January 2009[1]).

Jacket was followed by ArrayFire, a similar GPGPU extension for C, C++ and Fortran.[3] There are three versions available, one for CUDA GPUs, one for OpenCL devices and another for regular CPUs.

ArrayFire is partially funded by DARPA, who uses it in its "Memex" dark web search software.[4]

Actual is Version 3.4 and is Open Source.[5]


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