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Not to be confused with Jocelyn Lane.
Jackie Lane
Born (1941-07-10) 10 July 1941 (age 75)
Manchester, England
Other names Jackie Lenya[1]
Occupation Actress
Television Doctor Who

Jackie Lane (born 10 July 1941 in Manchester) is an English actress noted for her role as Dodo Chaplet, a companion of the Doctor, in the long-running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.

She played the part from February to July 1966 alongside William Hartnell as the Doctor.

She went on to become a theatrical agent, representing Tom Baker, who would play the Fourth Doctor, and Janet Fielding, who would play companion Tegan Jovanka and managed the late Nicholas Courtney. The agency which she manages is Jackie Lane Ad Voice.

In 2013 the BBC began production of a docudrama titled An Adventure in Space and Time, telling the story of the creation and early days of Doctor Who, as part of the programme's fiftieth anniversary celebrations. Lane appears as a character in the drama, played by actress Sophie Holt.[2]

Jackie Lane also acted under the name Jackie Lenya.[1]

Also, despite her hesitation towards being involved with the show, Jackie Lane made a brief TV appearance during Doctor Who: The Afterparty, celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who.


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