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Jackie Marchand is a television writer and producer, she is best known for her work on the children's action/adventure series Power Rangers,[1]


Jackie Marchand is, as of Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, the longest running veteran on the show since Judd Lynn, whom she shared co-writing duties with until he left at the end of Power Rangers: Time Force.[2]

Taking a break from the show after Time Force, Marchand was brought back to work on the franchise in 2003 by Disney when they began filming new episodes of PR in New Zealand under the Village Roadshow production team. She contributed to Power Rangers: Ninja Storm and Power Rangers: Dino Thunder.

Since then, Marchand has served the current team behind Ranger Productions. She has been promoted several times during the course of the last two seasons, becoming the story editor in Power Rangers: Mystic Force, and serving as co-producer of Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive, Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, Power Rangers: RPM.

Marchand also played an uncredited voice role in 1998's Power Rangers in Space, as the voice of the monster named Mamamite.

Marchand made an appearance at the Power Morphicon, the first Power Rangers fan convention, in June 2007. She was recently profiled by Yahoo.com Media as part of their coverage of the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike.


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