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Jackie Matisse (on the right) with her mother Alexina Duchamp

Jackie Matisse, also known as Jaqueline Matisse Monnier, (born 1931) is a French artist. She was born in Fontainebleau Forest, the eldest of the three children of Pierre Matisse and Alexina Duchamp. For a time she was married to the French banker, Bernard Monnier.[1][2]

Matisse has been described as "ever the kiteflying [creating] pioneer,"[3] "renowned for her kites."[4] She also works in stereoscopy,[5] supercomputing and virtual reality.[6]

One example of her work is her collaboration with David Tudor and Molly Davies, Sea Tails. An early supporter of Merce Cunningham, she served on the board of directors of the Cunningham Dance Foundation from 2004 to 2012.[2][1]


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