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Jackie Sawiris
Majida Screenshot.jpg
Jackie Sawiris as Majida in "Knightmare" in 1993.
Occupation Actress, director, producer and writer

Jackie Sawiris is a Jordanian/Egyptian actress, writer and film-maker who is best known in the for playing Majida in Knightmare and also her performance in Eyes Wide Shut as Roz.

Acting career[edit]

Her breakthrough role was playing the Arabian genie Majida in the popular CITV Adventure gameshow Knightmare for 2 years (until the shows end) from 1993–1994, taking over from David Learner who played the wood elf "Pickle". Her role in the series was the same as Pickle's, to provide some comic relief, to make teams more relaxed. Majida would often summon the dungeoneer's in herself and in the first episode of Season 7 she changes the Helmet of Justice for a new one (complete with a visor) which annoys Treguard (the show's host) played by Hugo Myatt.

Her Film and TV Credits (as an Actress) consist of;

Producer and director[edit]

She has also worked behind the camera, and has been active since 1988 (as a director and a producer). She was assistant director (1st AD/2nd Unit) on the film The Mummy Returns (2001). She was also Production Secretary on 12 episodes of The Wire in 2003.

Her film and TV credits (as a producer and director) consist of;

She is currently working on a selection of projects and films, some written, directed and starring herself.



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