Jacking in to the Matrix Franchise

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Jacking In to the Matrix Franchise: Cultural Reception and Interpretation is a book about The Matrix trilogy of films and other associated media. It was published by Continuum Press in 2004 and edited by Matthew Kapell (later publishing as Matthew Wilhelm Kapell), anthropological historian, and William G. Doty, professor emeritus of religious studies and religion at the University of Alabama. A second printing was published in September 2006, essentially the same volume with a new cover.

Jacking In to the Matrix Franchise examines the films, video and computer games, comics, anime short films and other aspects of the franchise. The book is organized as a series of essays on the cultural and religious implications of the Matrix franchise, including gender, race, ethics, religion, and cybernetics. Contributors include John Shelton Lawrence, Russell Blackford, Matthew Kapell, Bruce Isaacs, and William G. Doty.

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