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Jackson Burke (San Francisco, California 1908 - 1975) was an American type and book designer. After studying at the University of California, Berkeley, he succeeded C.H. Griffith as Director of Typographic Development at Mergenthaler Linotype from 1949 until 1963, where he designed several type faces.[1]

He was also responsible for a number of other achievements at Mergenthaler-Linotype including:

  • development of fonts for native American languages[2]
  • development of the TeleTypesetting System (TTS) for magazine use
  • development and implementation of the first phase of Linotype Group's photocomposition library[3]

Type Faces[edit]

  • Trade Gothic series (Linotype), considered by some to be a knock-off of Morris Fuller Benton's News Gothic.
    • Trade Gothic Condensed + Bold (1948)
    • Trade Gothic Extra Condensed + Bold (1948)
    • Trade Gothic + Bold (1955)
    • Trade Gothic Extended + Bold (1959)
    • Trade Gothic Light + Italic (1962)
  • Majestic + Bold (1955, Linotype), some sources credit this face to Burke,[4] while others simply list it as being created by "staff designers".[5]
  • Aurora + Italic (1960, Linotype), only made in 8.5 point.


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