Jackson Police Department (Mississippi)

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Jackson Police Department
MS - Jackson Police.jpg
Jackson Police Patch
Abbreviation JPD
Agency overview
Formed 1822
Employees 680
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction Mississippi, United States
Hinds County Mississippi Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Jackson Highlighted.svg
Map of Jackson Police Department's Jurisdiction.
Size 122 sq mi (320 km2)
Population 185,000
Legal jurisdiction Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.
Governing body Jackson, Mississippi
General nature • Local civilian agency
Headquarters 327 East Pascagoula Street
Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.

Police Officers 430
Unsworn members 250
Agency executive
Precincts 4
Jails 1
Jackson Police website

The Jackson Police Department provides law enforcement services to approximately 185,000 citizens encompassing 122 square miles (320 km2) of Jackson, Mississippi. JPD is composed of approximately 430 sworn officers who are supported by over 250 civilian personnel.

Brief history[edit]

The Jackson Police Department was established in 1822.[citation needed]

An ordinance dated January 1864 set a policeman's wages at $40.00 per month, with the exception of the city marshal, who received half the fee paid by each person put in jail. Off-duty police officers took the ferry below LeFleur's Bluff across the Pearl River into what is now Rankin County to bring back firewood to sell.[citation needed]

Eventually, pay was raised to $60.00 per month for men working twelve-hour shifts, seven days a week. There were no holidays, vacation days or days off.[citation needed]

1873 marked the appearance of the first uniformed police officers with caps, badges, and batons. 1878 marked the turning point of specialized police services, when the first police detective was appointed. In 1901, "patrol" became a rank, and men were hired for that position. In 1909, "desk sergeants" were appointed, along with mounted police, and detectives wore plain clothes for the first time. In 1917, greatly expanded specialized bureaus and divisions were formed. Early police communications were strictly one-way. The transmitter and radio operator were located at City Hall with the call letters WAMK. Officers had to depend on "call boxes" located on light poles in the downtown area to reply. It was 1952 when the department occupied a modern headquarters building at 327 East Pascagoula Street. This allowed the Jackson Police Department to operate both a municipal court and jail from one location.[citation needed]

The Police Training Academy was constructed in 1965 to consolidate instruction and training of personnel. The pistol range, included as a part of the training academy, was built on East McDowell Road. In 1972, the first female officer was sworn in. In 1978, the city's growth prompted the police department to move to the precinct system.[citation needed]

There are now four precincts. In 1979, officers were provided with individual walkie-talkies which gave them an emergency distress button. In 1983, the size of the department grew to over 400 sworn police officers. In 2005, Shirlene Anderson was sworn in as the first female Chief of police.[citation needed]

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