Jackson and His Computerband

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Jackson and His Computerband
Birth nameJackson Fourgeaud
GenresElectro house, electronic rock, French touch
Years active1996–present
LabelsBarclay, Warp Records

Jackson Fourgeaud, known professionally as Jackson and His Computerband (earlier Jackson and His Computer Band), is a French IDM artist. Fourgeaud released his debut album Smash with Warp Records in 2005.


Jackson Fourgeaud began making music at the age of 15. After his acid house debut on Pumpking records in 1996, Sound of Barclay records released the "Sense Juice" and "Gourmet" EPs under the name Jackson & His Computer Band. In 2003 his fourth single, album opener "Utopia", was released. "Utopia" and "Radio Caca" feature vocals by his mother, Paula Moore (birdpaula), a folk and blues singer. Warp Records picked up on these tracks, released on French imprint Sound Of Barclay, and signed him.

"Utopia", from the album Smash, was used in the O2 ‘bubble’ ad campaign.[1] "Minidoux" and "Hard Tits" from the album Smash were used in the Adult Swim "Super Violence Disclaimer" and "AcTN water Tanks" bumpers respectively.[2][3] "Pump," a track from the Glow album, was featured in Adult Swim bumps that aired during the summer of 2016.

Smash was recorded at home and in various Paris studios. Jackson's also responsible for some of the artwork, including the inside painting. As for guests, again, his mother sings on the track "Fast life"; his four-year-old niece narrates the tale of a mad king on "Oh Boy", which Jackson wrote.

He performed at European summer festivals in Nîmes (France), Zurich (Switzerland) and Dour Festival (Belgium). His album Glow was released on Warp Records on 2 September 2013.



EPs & Singles[edit]

  • 1999: Sense Juice EP
  • 1999: Gourmet EP
  • 2003: Utopia EP
  • 2005: Rock On
  • 2013: G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)


Year Artist Track Title
1998 Marc Collin "Les Kidnappeurs (Main Theme)" Revisited By Jackson
1999 Archive "You Make Me Feel" Jackson Remix
Ark "Punkadelik" Jackson Remix
Femi Kuti "Truth Don Die" Jackson's 'Rhum Gingembre' Mix
Glimpse "Glimpse" Jackson Boogie Remix
Novo Navis "Cyberkraft" Jackson Remix
Shalark "In'shalark" Jackson's Big Rush Mix
Shawn Christopher "Another Sleepless Night" Jackson & His Computer Band Mix
2000 -M- "Le complexe du corn flakes" Special K
Enrico Macias "Sidi H'Bibi" Remixed By Jackson
Freeform Five "Break Me" Jackson's Remix
Vanessa Paradis "Commando" Jackson's Come On Mix
2002 Jacknife Lee "Bursting Off the Backbeat" Jackson & Raymond Audio Remix
2003 M83 "Run Into Flowers" Midnight Fuck Remix By Jackson
2004 Air "Alpha Beta Gaga" Jackson Remix
Dead Combo "You Don't Look So Good" Jackson Remix
2006 Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert "Moog Acid" Jackson Mix
2007 Justice "D.A.N.C.E." Jackson Remix Do the J.A.H.C.B.
2008 Panico "Illumination" Jackson Remix
2009 Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Beck "Heaven Can Wait" Jackson Escalator Remix
Kap Bambino "Batcaves" Jackson Remix
2010 Kavinsky "Pacific Coast Highway" Jackson Remix
2011 Mungo Park "Pilgrim" Jackson And His Computer Band Remix
Planningtorock "Living It Out" Jackson Remix
Jackson Alternate Remix
Slice & Soda "Year of the Dragon" Jackson Remix
Treasure Fingers feat. Haley Small "Keep Up" Jackson Remix
2012 Birdy Nam Nam "The Plan" Jackson 'Lunatic' Remix
Surkin "White Knight Two" Jackson & His Computer Band Reprise
2013 Jackson and His Computerband "G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)" Jackson Auto Remix
2014 Glass Animals "Pools" Jackson and His Computer Band Remix
Phoenix "SOS In Bel Air" Jackson and His Computer Band Remix
Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree Family "All That You Are" Jackson And His Computerband Remix, Pt. I
Jackson And His Computerband Remix, Pt. II


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