Jacksons Corner

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Jacksons Corner
Jacksons Corner in Reading, December 2013.jpg
View from the junction of King Street and Duke Street
LocationReading, Berkshire, UK
Postal codeRG1
Coordinates51°27′17.9″N 0°58′8.9″W / 51.454972°N 0.969139°W / 51.454972; -0.969139Coordinates: 51°27′17.9″N 0°58′8.9″W / 51.454972°N 0.969139°W / 51.454972; -0.969139

Jacksons Corner is a thoroughfare in the English town of Reading, Berkshire. It is a prominent landmark site and is on the corner of Market Place and Kings Road.


For much of its history, the site of Jacksons Corner was home to the Reading branch of the Jacksons department store chain.

Popular culture[edit]

Jacksons Corner is featured briefly in the PBS Documentary "Secrets of Selfridges".[1] The small interview covers a few of the strict guidelines for staff members in the early 1900s, as well as a look at the previously unseen upper floor, which houses the former staff quarters.