Jacksonville RollerGirls

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Jacksonville RollerGirls
League logo
Metro area Jacksonville, Florida
Country United States
Founded 2006
Teams New Jax City Rollers (A team)
River City Rat Pack (B team)
J-Villains (C team)
Bold City Bombshells
Duval Derby Dames
First Coast Fatales
Track type(s) Flat
Affiliations WFTDA
Website www.jacksonvillerollergirls.com

The Jacksonville RollerGirls is a women's flat track roller derby league based in Jacksonville, Florida, (USA). Originally formed as the First Coast Fatales,[1] the league changed to its current name in 2007. The league has been a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) since December 2010.[2]

Jacksonville hosted a WFTDA Division 1 Playoff tournament in 2015,[3] at which they finished in 2nd place.[4]

League structure[edit]

First organized in 2006,[5] the Jacksonville RollerGirls consists of six teams, 3 travel teams and 3 home teams.[6] The teams play one another at home, and the teams travel to compete against other teams. All travel team skaters also compete on a home team while some skaters choose to play only on a home team. In 2014, the league began a structured training program designed to maximize each beginning skaters’ abilities toward passing the WFTDA minimum skills test as a requirement towards play roller derby. New skaters are recruited three times per year and taken through a curriculum from basic skills to game play. A skater is allowed to repeat the program until they pass, if required.

The league welcomes referees, non-skating officials, and other volunteer staff to join the league at any time.

Travel teams[edit]

The league's top travel team, the all-star New Jax City Rollers, represents Jacksonville internationally as the WFTDA charter team.[6] The team includes among its members Erin Jackson, a competitive inline speed skater, who won a silver medal for the United States at the 2015 Pan American Games.[7] Jackson was tournament MVP at the 2014 WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Evansville, Indiana.[8]

River City Rat Pack is the league’s B-Team. They play other WFTDA league B-Teams as well as lower-ranked WFTDA charter teams and travel throughout the southeast. Many Rat Pack skaters are working their way up toward a position on New Jax and are invited to their practices to acclimate them to the higher level of play.

J-VIllains are a C-Level Team and play primarily in Florida against local non-WFTDA teams. The J-Villains are usually a skater’s first travel team after completing their training and, sometimes, are the first team to receive incoming transferring skaters until the next round of tryouts.

Home teams[edit]

The league’s home teams are the Bold City Bombshells, Duval Derby Dames, and the First Coast Fatales. They play each other at home with their season culminating in a championship finale. In 2014, the inaugural championship title went to the Bold City Bombshells. Skaters are drafted to a home team as part of their graduation from Fresh Meat and stay with that team until their retirement.

Community involvement[edit]

The Jacksonville RollerGirls support local charities and community organizations by making public appearances at local events, volunteering time, and donating money. During each home game, a local organization is invited to host a table to raise both money and awareness and a portion of the game’s proceeds are donated on behalf of the league. In recent years, the league has partnered with The Arc Jacksonville[9] for an annual Running of the Bulls 5k where the skaters serve as the bulls, chasing down and marking the runners.[10]

WFTDA competition[edit]

The all-star team, New Jax City Rollers, plays at the highest level of competition. Their rank has steadily climbed from 24th in 2013,[11] 15th in 2014,[12] to 8th in 2015.[13]

For the first time in league history, the team ended their 2015 season at the WFTDA Championships tournament, earning their place with a 2nd-place finish at WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs at home in Jacksonville.[4] In 2016, Jacksonville returned to WFTDA Championships after finishing 3rd at the 2016 Division 1 Playoff in Columbia, South Carolina.[6] After winning their first game against Minnesota Rollergirls,[14] Jacksonville lost to the eventual 3rd-place team, Victorian Roller Derby League, 231-98.[15] As the third seed at the 2017 Seattle Division 1 Playoff, Jacksonville suffered a rankings upset in the quarterfinals to Rat City Rollergirls, 186-170,[16] and finished their weekend with a consolation bracket victory over Charlottesville Derby Dames, 318-161.[17]


Season Final ranking[18] Playoffs Championship
2010 NR[19] N/A N/A
2011 11 SC[20] DNQ DNQ
2012 9 SC[21] 10 SC[22] DNQ
2013 24 WFTDA[11] 6 D1[23] DNQ
2014 15 WFTDA[12] 4 D1[24] DNQ
2015 8 WFTDA[13] 2 D1[3] QF D1[25]
2016 9 WFTDA[26] 3 D1[27] QF D1[15]
2017 12 WFTDA[28] CR D1[17] DNQ
  • CR = consolation round

Local television[edit]

Jacksonville RollerGirls have a television program which has aired weekly on CW17 since September 25, 2010, with some games being available for viewing in their entirety online.[29] The league is included in the station’s promotional appearances as local celebrities.


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