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This is the discography of Jaco Pastorius, excluding bootlegs and compilations.[1][2]


As leader/co-leader[edit]

Posthumous releases

With Weather Report

As sideman or guest[edit]

With Randy Bernsen

  • 1984 Music for Planets, People & Washing Machines
  • 1986 Mo' Wasabi
  • 1988 Paradise Citizens

With Herbie Hancock

With Brian Melvin

  • 1985 Brian Melvin’s Nightfood, Night Food (Timeless)[3]
  • 1985 Brian Melvin Trio, Standards Zone
  • 1988 Brian Melvin’s Nightfood, Nightfood (Global Pacific) (different to 1985 album with similar title)[4]
  • 1989 Brian Melvin Trio, Jazz Street
  • 2016 Brian Melvin’s Nightfood, Jazz in Toulouse (recorded 1985)

With Joni Mitchell

With other artists


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