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Jacob's Ladder is a staircase to heaven from a dream of Jacob described in the Old Testament.

Jacob's Ladder may also refer to:



New Zealand[edit]

  • A set of stairs and the associated Jacobs Ladder Bridge between Westhaven and Saint Marys Bay, in Auckland, New Zealand
  • A set of 279 stairs in Saint Clair, in Dunedin, New Zealand

United Kingdom[edit]

Overseas Territories
  • A hillside stairway of 699 steps between Jamestown and Half Tree Hollow, Saint Helena (British territory in the South Atlantic Ocean)

United States[edit]



Video games[edit]

  • In Mega Man X8, a plan to build a space elevator between the Moon and Earth is called the "Jakob Project"
  • In the game Alpha Protocol the first mission is called Operation Jacob's Ladder
  • The game Dear Esther features a story leading to speculations whether this might be a reference to Jacob's Ladder
  • In the game StarCraft, a multiplayer map with the same name, selected in 1998 as Blizzard's Map of the Week
  • In the Animal Crossing (video game) series, Jacob's Ladders appear as flowers in perfect towns. However, their appearance actually is of the Lily of the valley.
  • In the expansion of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Afterbirth+, an item is called ''Jacob's Ladder'' with the effect of electric tears

Other uses[edit]