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Jacob & Co.
IndustryJewelers, Luxury goods
FoundedNYC 1986
FounderJacob Arabo
Area served
Key people
Jacob Arabo Founder and Chairman
ProductsJewelry, Watches

Jacob & Co., sometimes referred to as "Jacob And Co" or "Jacob And Company," is a privately held jewelry and wristwatch retailer, founded in 1986 by diamond designer Jacob Arabo.[1] Its flagship boutique and corporate headquarters are located in Manhattan, New York City.[2]


After graduating early from a jewelry design course in 1981 in New York City, Arabo opened a small booth in New York City's Diamond District, where he began designing for jewelry labels and private clients.[3][4] In 1986, Arabo opened his own Company, called "Diamond Quasar," and began designing under his own label, named "Jacob & Co."[3][4] The jewelry initially caught the eye of R&B singer Faith Evans, who later brought her husband, rapper Notorious B.I.G. to the store. Both later brought other celebrity friends to the store, and the shop developed a reputation with the music industry.[5] Because of its unique products and famous clientele, the brand quickly gained popularity in New York and was able to expand its business to the luxury watchmaking industry in 2002.[6]

Company Milestones[edit]

  • 1986: Jacob Arabo founds Jacob & Co
  • 2002: Jacob & Co enters watchmaking industry
  • 2004: New York store opens on 57th Street
  • 2006: Presentation of the Quenttin watch
  • 2007: Presentation of the GMT watch
  • 2008: Presentation of the new collection in Dubai[7]
  • 2012: First annual Monaco exhibition
  • 2013: Launch of Epic SF24 & Ghost watch[8][9]
  • 2014: Launch of Astronomia Tourbillon at BaselWorld[10]

Jacob & Co has retail locations around the world, with three in the United States, including its "mine-inspired" flagship store, located in a Park Ave townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.[11] Other notables include three boutiques in London, storefronts in the Stardust hotel in Monte-Carlo and the Wynn Las Vegas in Las Vegas, and shops in Geneva, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, in Italy (Rome and Cortina d’ampezzo) and elsewhere.[12]



Jacob & Co. is known for a number of signature watch styles, such as the "Five Time Zone Watch," which it debuted in 2002. Inspired by the jet-set lifestyle of many of its clients, the timepiece features four fixed time zones—New York, LA, Tokyo and Paris—with the fifth dial set to the location of the wearer. Other notable watches include the "Quenttin," the first-ever watch with a 31-day power reserve, seven mainspring barrels, and a vertical, side-mounted tourbillon (a regulating device in which the timekeeping element of the watch rotates inside a metal cage to negate the effects of gravity on accuracy),[13] and the Ghost Watch, a Swiss made digital watch that features a pentagram shape and can display up to 20 time zones.[14]


Jacob & Co. is also known for its fine jewelry collections, offering unique designs in a variety of styles, including a range of engagement rings and wedding bands for both men and women.[14] The company also designs custom wedding rings, allowing customers to choose diamonds of any shape, size or color.[11] Jacob & Co claims to use the "world's finest and most exclusive gems" for its jewelry such as the pure, colorless Golconda diamonds of India, and rare colored stones from Africa and Brazil.[15][16] The company purchases diamonds only from countries that are full participants in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), an international monitoring system created to stem the flow of conflict diamonds, and all diamonds come with Gemological Institute of America authenticity reports.[17]

Awards & Recognition[edit]

In 2006, the Jacob & Co “The World is Yours” watch won the Travel + Leisure Design Award.[18]

In popular culture[edit]

Jacob & Co. is known for providing watches and other jewelry to hip-hop artists, National Basketball Association players, boxers,[19] and other celebrities.[20]

  • In 2004 Jacob & Co founder Arabo was featured in the game Def Jam: Fight for NY, in which the players’ hip-hop characters compete to earn cash with which they can buy jewelry from Jacob the Jeweler.[21]
  • The company's creations are also mentioned in Jay-Z’s single “Girl's Best Friend”, a love song to the rapper’s diamonds, released in 1999. In the video, the artist is wearing Jacob & Co. jewelry while rapping:"I took you outta Jacob’s in clusters / Busters, they wanted to rush us/ Love the way you sparkle when the sun touch ya."[6][22]
  • Jacob Arabo, usually with the moniker "Jacob the Jeweler",[5] and Jacob & Co are mentioned in numerous rap songs, including songs by Nas, Beyoncé[23] and others.
  • In addition, Arabo has played himself in several movies, including Paper Soldiers in 2002, State Property in 2002 and "Blind Thoughts" in 2008. He also starred in one episode of the reality TV show The Millionaire Matchmaker broadcast in December 2013.[24]

Brand ambassadors[edit]


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