Jacob Binckes

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Jacob Binckes, by Nicolaes Maes

Jacob Binckes (1637, Koudum – 12 December 1677) was a Dutch commodore.

As a captain he was part of the first of two Dutch invasions of England in 1667 in the Raid on the Medway in the Second Anglo-Dutch War.

In 1673 together with captain Cornelis Evertsen de Jongste (Keesje the Devil) he re-captured the former New Netherland capitol New Amsterdam, which had been renamed New York after it had surrendered in 1664. In 1674, New York was returned to the English by William III of Orange-Nassau (who later King of England) as part of the Treaty of Breda (1667).

In 1677 as a commodore on his flaggship the Beschermer he defeated the French fleet in the First Battle at Tobago, but he was killed in action in the Second Battle of Tobago in the Franco-Dutch War the same year.