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Jacob Gerhard Ewert (November 24, 1874 – March 16, 1923),[1] also known as J. G. Evert,[2] was a Mennonite socialist and pacifist from Hillsboro, Kansas.[3] From 1909 he was editor of the German-language newspaper Hillsboro Journal,[4] later renamed Vorwärts.[citation needed] Ewert wrote books and pamphlets on socialism, on temperance, and on warfare.[5] The historian Duane Sotltzfus described Ewert as a "tireless advocate for conscientious objectors, writing articles and counseling many draftees" when writing for Vorwärts.[2] The Newton, Kansas, newspaper Der Herold, edited by H. P. Krehbiel, challenged his published support of socialist agendas.[6]

Ewert attended the Mennonite Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas, and later taught both there and at a Mennonite Brethren college, Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas.[6]



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