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Jacob Hinds (1800 – October 20, 1873) was an American politician from New York.


In 1826, he married Almira Waldron (1805–1874), and they had five children, among them Franklin Hinds, Harrison Hinds, Mary Katherine Hinds (1832–1913) and Minerva A. Hinds (1830–1890).

About 1830, he removed to Murray, Orleans County, New York, and was among the founders of the village of Hindsburgh (now Hinsburg).

During the administration of Governor William H. Seward, he was appointed Superintendent of Canal Repairs for a section of the Erie Canal.

He was one of the first three Canal Commissioners elected under the New York State Constitution of 1846, and drew the three-year term, being in office from 1848 to 1850. In 1850, he was accused of misadministration, but defended himself successfully before a special committee of the New York State Legislature.