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Jacob Kirkegaard is a sound artist born in 1975 in Denmark, living in Berlin, Germany. In early 2006 he graduated at the Academy of Arts and the Media in Cologne, Germany. Jacob is exploring sound in art with a scientific approach. Parallel to his studies, he has been giving lectures on sound and space at the Royal Architect Academy and at the Art Academy in Copenhagen.

Aside from academics, Jacob Kirkegaard collaborates with various artists on installations and resonances and has performed in Asia, America and Europe.

Jacob Kirkegaard's sound works focus on investigations into the potential musicality in hidden sound layers in the environment. In this context he has been capturing and exploring sounds from, for example, volcanic earth, ice, atmospheric phenomena, nuclear power plants and deserted places.[1] His piece "Labyrynthitis" was created from sounds recorded inside his inner ear.[1] Recording tools used include accelometers, hydrophones and home-built electromagnetic receivers.


  • (1998) Luftantenner - in the band Æter (Helicopter Records)
  • (2002) Soaked - with Philip Jeck Touch
  • (2003) 01.02 (Bottrop-boy)
  • (2005) Eldfjall Touch
  • (2006) Four Rooms Touch
  • (2008) Labyrinthitis Touch


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