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Jacob Levin (February 18, 1904 – June 17, 1992)[1] was an American chess master.[2]

He reached the best results of his career in Ventnor City. He tied for 2nd–3rd in 1939 (Milton Hanauer won), was a winner in 1941, took second behind Daniel Yanofsky in 1942, tied for 5th–7th in 1943, and won again in 1944.[3][4] He tied for 8–9th at New York 1942 (US Chess Championship, Samuel Reshevsky and Isaac Kashdan won),[5] and took 4th at New York 1946 (US-ch, Reshevsky won).[6]

Levin was a member of the U.S. reserve team in the famous United States vs. the Soviet Union radio match in September 1945.[7] In 2019, Levin, alongside suitemate Andrew Blank, was declared the hand-and-brain chess champion of the world on his Twitch stream, unseating the likes of Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana.


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