Jacob Olie

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Jacob Olie
Jacob Olie (1834-1905) zelfportret 1862.jpeg
Self portrait, 1862
Born17 October 1834
Died25 April 1905
Jacob Olie's well-thumbed copy of the French encyclopedia called Descriptions des Arts et Métiers, given to the special collections department of the University of Amsterdam by Olie's great grandson

Jacob Olie (1834 – 1905) was a photographer from Amsterdam known for his scenes of everyday life there.

Olie was born in Amsterdam and was trained as a carpenter and draughtsman.[1] He became a teacher at the local school for craftsmen known as the Ambachtsschool, converting it to be the first ever vocational school of the Netherlands for boys.[2] He took up photography as a hobby. Today he is known for his unusually sharp depictions of various parts of Amsterdam that no longer exist. His son by the same name also became a photographer.


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