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Jacob Sonderling Tree planting Ceremony 1964 in Simi Valley

Jacob Sonderling (19 October 1878 – 30 September 1964) was a German and American Rabbi. He was born in a chassidic family and was an early Zionist[1] (Klal Yisrael).[2] His aim was to combine art and religion.[3]

Sonderling was born in Lipine, now part of Świętochłowice. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation about the logic lessons of Kant. He was a preacher at Hamburg Temple with David Leimdörfer. In World War I, he was Field Rabbi in the Hindenburg army and emigrated to the United States in 1923.

After his arrival in the USA, he served as a rabbi in New York and Chicago. In Los Angeles he was founder of the Fairfax Temple and helped Jewish immigrants with music commissions. He died, aged 85, in Los Angeles.



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