Jacob ben Hayyim Alfandari

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Jacob ben Ḥayyim Alfandari (1620 – 1695) was a talmudic writer and rabbi in Istanbul in the 17th century. In 1686, he refers to himself as an old man (Muẓẓal me-Esh, p. 5). He was the author of a volume of responsa edited by his nephew Ḥayyim the Younger (Istanbul, 1718), entitled Muẓẓal me-Esh (Plucked from the Fire), because it was saved from a conflagration which consumed most of the author's manuscripts. Others of his responsa are printed in the collection of his father and in that of Joseph Kazabi (Istanbul, 1736; see Steinschneider, Cat. Bodl. col. 1179).

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