Jacob ter Veldhuis

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Jacob ter Veldhuis (born 14 November 1951 in Westerlee), also known as Jacob TV, is a Dutch avant-garde classical composer. Ter Veldhuis favors tonal, melodic compositions, avoiding the dissonance of some recent classical music. Many of his works build melodies around samples of the human voice, as in Steve Reich's composition 'Different Trains'. Some of his works have been performed by the New York string quartet ETHEL.

Significant works[edit]

  • Heartbreakers (1999)-- based on samples from American television talk shows
  • Paradiso (2001)-- video oratorio, 72 minutes, based on Dante's Paradiso
  • Grab It! (1999)-- for tenor saxophone and soundtrack, based on samples from the documentary 'Scared Straight.'