Jacob van Schuppen

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Jacob van Schuppen
Selfportrait by Jacob van Schuppen.jpg
self portrait.
Born Jacob van Schuppen
(1670-01-26)January 26, 1670
Died January 29, 1751(1751-01-29) (aged 81)
Nationality France, Austria
Known for Painting
Movement Baroque

Jacob van Schuppen (26 January 1670 – 29 January 1751) was an Austrian Baroque painter.


Born in Fontainebleau, France, as the son of the painter-engraver Pieter van Schuppen, he worked in the Netherlands before moving to Vienna. He was taught to paint by his father and his uncle Nicolas de Largillière.[1][2]

In 1719 he was registered in Lunéville, but he moved in the same year to Vienna, where he became court painter.[1] In 1725 he was appointed director of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, when it was refounded by Emperor Charles VI as the k.k. Hofakademie der Maler, Bildhauer und Baukunst (Imperial and Royal Court Academy of painters, sculptors and architecture).

In 1730, he taught Adam Friedrich Oeser[3] and he was an influence on Daniel Gran.[4] According to the RKD, Christian Hilfgott Brand (father of Johann Christian Brand) and Carl Heinrich Brandt were among his pupils.