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Jacobina is a city in the Centro Norte Baiano mesoregion of Bahia. It was founded July 28, 1722 and the population is 78,842.[1][2][3]

Surrounded by mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, springs and waterfalls, Jacobina presents itself as an excellent destination for lovers of ecological tourism. Located in the northwest region of Bahia, in the extreme north of the Chapada Diamantina, Jacobina is 330 kilometers from Salvador and is also known as City of Gold, a legacy of the gold mines which attracted the pioneers from São Paulo in the early seventeenth century. Besides the natural beauty and the mines, Jacobina has a rich historic and cultural heritage, which can be traversed with the help of tour guides. The city has over 600 beds, divided into 241 apartments, 13 hotels and inns.


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Coordinates: 11°10′51″S 40°31′04″W / 11.18083°S 40.51778°W / -11.18083; -40.51778