Jacobus Josephus Eeckhout

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Household troubles, 1844, now in the Teyler's Museum

Jacobus Josephus Eeckhout (2 June 1793 – 25 December 1861) was a Flemish painter.

Eeckhout was born at Antwerp, and studied first at the Academy of that city. He painted historical and genre subjects, and portraits, and in 1829 he was elected a member of the Academies of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, and Rotterdam. He settled at the Hague in 1831, and in 1839 became director of the Academy in that city, and after staying at Mechlin and Brussels he went to live in Paris in 1859. He imitated Rembrandt with some skill, and may be considered one of the most distinguished painters of the modern Dutch school. His compositions are expressive and lively, and the colouring vigorous. Eeckhout died in Paris in 1861. His best works are: