Jacopo Salviati

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Jacopo Salviati
Spouse(s) Lucrezia de' Medici
Noble family Salviati
Father Giovanni Salviati
Mother Maddalena Gondi
Born (1461-09-15)15 September 1461
Died 6 September 1533(1533-09-06) (aged 71)

Jacopo Salviati (September 15, 1461 – September 6, 1533), was an Italian politician and son-in-law of Lorenzo de' Medici. He was married to the prestigious Lucrezia de' Medici, daughter of Lorenzo de' Medici, on September 10, 1486, and they would have 10 children together. The son of Giovanni Salviati and Maddalena Gondi, he devoted himself to the economic affairs of the family, becoming very wealthy. He then engaged in political life. He was Prior of the Guilds (see Guilds of Florence) in 1499 and 1518, then gonfalonier of Justice in 1514. In 1513, he was appointed ambassador to Rome.

Palazzo Gondi, Piazza della Signoria, Florence, residence of Salviati's mother, of Madddalena Gondi.
Corner view of the Palazzo Gondi, Florence, built in 1490 under design by Giuliano da Sangallo, (1443 - 1516)

He tried to prevent the Siege of Florence (1529–1530), but without result, and was among the advisers of Pope Clement VII during his meeting with Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor.

In 1531, he was part of the balìa of 200 Florentine citizens charged with reforming the republican government.

He died on 6 September 1553.


His marriage to Lucrezia produced ten children,

  • Lorenzo Salviati (Florence, 1492 - Ferrara, 1539), senator and patron
  • Piero Salviati, patrician
  • Elena Salviati (Florence, 1495 circa - Genoa, 1552), married the Marquis Pallavicino Pallavicino and second marriage to the Prince Iacopo V Appiani in Appiano
  • Baptist Salviati (1498–1524)
  • Luisa Salviati, married Sigismund de Luna and Peralta
  • Alamanno (1510–1571), patrician

Many of Salviati's children held significant political positions throughout Europe or were parents of important people.

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