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Jacqueline Lamba Breton (sometimes Jacqueline Lamba or Jacqueline Lamba-Breton; November 17, 1910, Saint-Mandé – July 20, 1993, Rochecorbon) was a French[1] (one source incorrectly has "American")[2] painter perhaps best known as the second wife of André Breton and "the subject of many of his poems".[3] With Breton she had a daughter, Aube Elléouët Breton. She and Breton separated in 1943. Lamba later married David Hare, an American sculptor.[4]

Lamba participated in the Surrealist Movement between 1934-1947.[5] It is claimed she had a sexual affair with fellow artist Frida Kahlo.

For the last five years of her life, Lamba suffered from Alzheimer's disease.[6][7]


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