Jacques-François Baudiau

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Jacques-François Baudiau (15 October 1809, Planchez – 17 September 1880, Quarré-les-Tombes) was a French Catholic priest and geographer.

In 1833 he was named vicar in Château-Chinon, then served as a pastor in Montigny-sur-Canne (from November 1834), and later in Dun-les-Places (from July 1844). He was a member of learned societies in Saône-et-Loire, Nièvre and Yonne.[1]

In 1854 he published a two volume work on the geography of the Morvan titled, Le Morvand, ou Essai géographique, topographique et historique sur cette contrée.[1] Its second edition covered three volumes, it being published in 1865–67.[2]