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Jacques-Hyacinthe Serry (1659–1738) was a French Dominican Thomist theologian, controversialist and historian.

At the University of Padua from 1698, he taught theology based more closely on Biblical and patristic authority.[1]

Under the pseudonym Augustinus Leblanc, he wrote the standard history Historiae Congregationum de Auxiliis Divinae Gratiae of the Congregatio de Auxiliis, and the Dominican-Jesuit controversy on grace that led to its being set up. The work itself is partisan, awarding a Dominican victory based on an unpublished text,[2] but well-documented.[3] It was attacked by the Jesuit Livinus de Meyer, writing as Theodorus Eleutherius, in 1705, in his Historiae controversiarum de divinae gratiae auxiliis.


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