Jacques-Louis Soret

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Jacques-Louis Soret
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Jacques-Louis Soret
Born (1827-06-30)30 June 1827
Geneva, Switzerland
Died 13 May 1890(1890-05-13) (aged 62)
Geneva, Switzerland
Nationality Swiss
Known for discovery of holmium, structure of ozone

Jacques-Louis Soret (30 June 1827 – 13 May 1890) was a Swiss chemist who in 1878, along with Marc Delafontaine, first observed holmium spectroscopically.[1][2] Independently, Per Teodor Cleve separated it chemically from thulium and erbium in 1879.[3][4] The three are given credit for the element's discovery.

Soret was also responsible for correctly working out the chemical composition of ozone as being three oxygen atoms bound together.[5][6][7]

The Soret peak, a strong absorption band of hemoglobin is also named after him.[8]

His son was Charles Soret, a recognized physicist and chemist in his own right.