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Jacques B. Brunius, French actor, director and writer, was born Jacques Henri Cottance in Paris on September 16, 1906, died Exeter, Devon (UK), on April 24, 1967. He was cremated in Sidmouth, with a tribute by Mesens.[citation needed]

Assistant director to Luis Buñuel on L'Âge d'or, he appeared in more than 30 movies, using several alternate names: Jacques Borel, J.B. Brunius, Jacques-Bernard Brunius, Jacques Brunius, Brunius, J.B.Brunius. He acted in many of the early, more political, movies of his friend Jean Renoir. He married French-English actress Cecile Chevreau in 1951.[citation needed] Their son Richard was born in 1956.[citation needed]

Member of the surrealist group in France and then in England, with his friend E.L.T. Mesens, Conroy Maddox, Ithell Colquhoun, Simon Watson Taylor and Roland Penrose.[citation needed] Brunius attacked Toni del Renzio, who was married to Colquhoun and who was attempting to reanimate an inactive English group in 1942–3.[citation needed] Brunius' countersigned the tract Idolatry and Confusion, which condemned and mocked del Renzio unjustifiably. In reality, Mesens feared a takeover of the group leadership by del Renzio.[citation needed]

He never missed an opportunity to defend surrealism, and participated in many a radio show.[citation needed] In 1959, he undertook a vigorous defense of the poetic valor of nursery rhymes.[citation needed]

The text was published by John Lyle in Transforma(c)tion n°7 under the title Language and lore of children.[dead link]



  • 1930: L'Âge d'or (aka The Golden Age), dir. Luis Buñuel.... Passer-by in the street (uncredited)
  • 1932: L'Affaire est dans le sac (aka It's in the Bag), dir. Pierre Prévert .... Adrien, le client au béret (as J.B.Brunius)
  • 1934: L'Hôtel du libre échange .... Le monsieur du train
  • 1936: Le Crime de Monsieur Lange (aka The Crime of Monsieur Lange), dir. Jean Renoir (as J.B. Brunius) .... Mr. Baigneur
  • 1936: Moutonnet
  • 1936: Partie de campagne (aka A Day in the Country), dir. Jean Renoir (as Jacques Borel) .... Rodolphe
  • 1936: La Vie est à nous (aka Life Belongs to Us) .... Le président du conseil d'administration
  • 1937: Le Temps des cerises (aka The Time of the Cherries) (as Jacques-Bernard Brunius) .... Le petit-fils du directeur
  • 1938: Le Schpountz (aka Heartbeat), dir. Marcel Pagnol .... L'Accessoiriste
  • 1938: La Bête humaine (aka Judas Was a Woman, The Human Beast), dir. Jean Renoir (uncredited) .... Un garçon de ferme
  • 1940: The Mondesir Heir .... Le médecin
  • 1950: The Wooden Horse .... André (as Jacques Brunius)
  • 1951: The Dream of Andalusia (uncredited)
  • 1951: Andalousie(uncredited)
  • 1951: The Changing face of Europe .... Narrator, as himself
  • 1951: Une fille à croquer (aka Good Enough to Eat, Le Petit Chaperon Rouge) (as Jacques Borel)
  • 1951: The Lavender Hill Mob, dir Charles Crichton (as Jacques Brunius) .... Customs Official
  • 1952: 24 Hours of a Woman's Life (aka Affair in Monte Carlo).... Concierge, Pension Lisa (as Jacques Brunius)
  • 1953: South of Algiers (aka The Golden Mask) .... Kress (as Jacques Brunius)
  • 1953: Sea Devils .... Fouche
  • 1953: Always a Bride .... Inspector (as Jacques Brunius)
  • 1953: Laughing Anne (aka Between the Tides) .... Frenchie
  • 1954: Forbidden Cargo .... Det. Pierre Valance - French police
  • 1955: To Paris with Love .... Monsieur Marconne
  • 1955: Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion (aka Foreign Legionnaire) (TV, 1 episode) .... Pakka
  • 1955: The Cockleshell Heroes .... French Fisherman (as Jacques Brunius)
  • 1955: Barbie (TV, 1 episode) .... Mr. Morrisot
  • 1956: Wicked as They Come (aka Portrait in Smoke) .... Inspector Caron
  • 1956: House of Secrets (aka Triple Deception) .... Lessage
  • 1957: True as a Turtle (aka Plain Sailing) .... Monsieur Charbonnier
  • 1957: Dangerous Exile .... De Chassagne (uncredited)
  • 1958: Orders to Kill .... Cmndt. Morand
  • 1960: The Miracle of St. Phillipe (TV episode) .... The Mayor
  • 1960: The Four Just Men (TV, 1 episode) .... The Mayor
  • 1961: Mon frère Jacques (TV), dir. Pierre Prévert .... himself
  • 1961: The Greengage Summer (aka Loss of Innocence) .... M. Joubert
  • 1964: The Yellow Rolls-Royce .... Duc d'Angoulême (England) (uncredited)
  • 1965: Le Chant du monde (aka Song of the World) (as Jacques Borel)
  • 1965: Return from the Ashes .... 1st Detective (uncredited)


  • 1953: The Blakes Slept Here
  • 1952: Brief City
  • 1952: To The Rescue
  • 1951: The Changing Face of Europe (3rd segment: "Somewhere to Live")
  • 1939: Violons d'Ingres (also as writer and editor)
  • 1936: La Vie est à nous (aka The People of France) (also as writer and editor)

Assistant director[edit]

  • 1930: L'Âge d'or (aka The Golden Age), dir. Luis Buñuel.
  • 1929: Le Requin

Radio Producer[edit]

  • 1966 Christmas Day : Special Day on Lewis Carroll, France Culture

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